Shareknots (Albert Val Llerena)

size: micro

start date: 2018-07-25

legal status: Self-employed: current status to keep costs down, but with the objective to create a Limited Society (SL)

VAT: ES16611582Q


The company at glance

profile: Shareknots is a boat-sharing company that aims to facilitate the services needed by particular shipowners to be able to rent their boats to end users, and to facilitate the management of bookings to charter companies. It's main objective is to facilitate the access and use to boats and other sailing services to nautical enthusiast who do not own a boat or who would like to sail more often.

Blue growth: The company is developing its activities under the 855.2 of the Spanish IAE, which is equivalent to the 7734 NACE code (renting of boats). The company acts as an intermediary between charter companies or particular shipowners and final users. It provides a platform for them to reach out to final users, and to process the bookings requirements for the exchange of the services. One of the initiatives being tested by the company is a subscription based model to provide access to multiple sailing clubs around the Mediterranean, allowing users to access services of these clubs with a common pass at a reduced price. The main use of the resources provided by the 4helix+ program would be the development of a website were sailing enthusiast can buy a pass to get access to the multiple sailing clubs around the Mediterranean, while also explain to sailing clubs the benefits of being a provider in this system.

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