Seamagine Eco Navigation

size: micro

start date: 2015-09-15

legal status: SAS

VAT: FR96813498870


The company at glance

profile: Seamagine Eco Navigation SAS, operates Solar Boating services since June 2016 under the trade mark seaZen® Solar Powered Boating is a new market, new public, new sector. SeaZen® developed a Solar Boating Academy and proposes a unique platform of 3 services: 1) Private Guided Boat Tour 2) License Free Boat Rental 3) Click & Go Boat Club The commercial proof of concept launched near Nice already welcomed +1500 clients with 100% satisfaction rate. Up to date, the boat was 100% solar autonomous with zero kilowatt consumed from the electric grid and of course zero CO2 emissions! This is a B2C Proof of Concept our target is to sell our platform as a B2B2C services for local operators all over the world. Our development strength? We offer a breaking through platform with Solar Boating Business Processes, Training academy and multi-distribution channels. In other words, or strength is to integrate Solar Boating Experience + Training Engineers + Hotel Industry experts. The employment forecast is 1 employee for Y2019, 5 employees Y2021. We have a Cross Sectorial consortium approach involving partners in the Shipyard Industry, Tourism Industry, Web Agencies and Training services. We cover the complete value chain from Boat design and production to the worldwide distribution of eco-friendly experience towards the tourists and local residents.

Blue growth: Our registered French activity NAF code 7721 Z "Boat Rental" is relative to the Nautical Industry. We attach a French KBIS proof.

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